AT&T Running Club
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Involve as many employees and retirees as possible in running to encourage a healthy and fit lifestyle. Win championships. Provide an opportunity for company teambuilding. Partner with AT&T business units, Public Relations, and the Telecom Pioneers to support products and services.
Enhance brand exposure by wearing the AT&T logo on uniforms at marathons and other races.

What we are all about!

Check out the AT&T Athletes inducted into the USCAA Hall of Fame

AT&T has competed in 29 out of 32 National events since the initial inception as the Runner's World Corporate Cup Relays in 1978. Even in the early formative years of Corporate Running when AT&T did not send teams to the 1978, 80, 81 nationals, strong AT&T teams participated in Regional Corporate Cup Relays in Atlanta, New Jersey, Chicago and California. It was from these key regions that a powerful National team would emerge that has won a total of nine National Track and Field Championships and five National Marathon Championships.

Significant changes to AT&T's company structure have taken its toll on the team beginning with the 1997 spin-off of AT&T Technologies - which became Lucent. The team lost 70% of its regional coordinators and team members over the next few years. The challenge since has been to re-build the network and the team from the new AT&T.

If you run for fitness or have high school/college track, cross-country, or road running experience, we would like to hear from you.

We are an informal group of employees and retirees with a common bond of running and fitness - in some cases an outright passion for the sport of running.

Our goal is to involve as many employees and retirees as possible across the country and around the world.

There are no membership dues or requirements to become a member.

We have no company funded budget any longer. We have a very few individuals who are instrumental in holding our Team together who donate money to help us with the Team entry fee for major events.

Although we tend to focus on the United States Corporate Athletics Association (USCAA) Corporate Cup Relays National Championships, we are very interested in entering regional and local corporate races. The Annual Nationals are held every summer typically over a weekend in July. The Nationals consist of relays with different age requirements and certain field events that are age graded. The relays on the track require men and women with age requirements from 18 to 60+ running anywhere from 100 meters to 3200 meters. There are also some field events, Team Jump which includes long jump and high jump and Team Throw, including shot put and discus. The Nationals also include 5K and 10K road races for men and women. We can enter unlimited runners in the road races.

We participate in the USCAA Marathon Championship every year where the number of runners on our Team is unlimited. The USCAA Marathon Coordinator is Mark Nelson.

The qualifying standards for the Nationals are available on this website under the Forms page. Since we have not been able to field a team in every event in the last few years, the qualifying standards should be used as guidelines. As mentioned above we can enter unlimited runners in the road races. The road race times vary widely because they include runners in age groups from 18 to 75+. I want to emphasize that there are no standards for any other events; we are very interested in participation.

If you are interested in attending the Nationals and running on the track, go to our Forms page and follow the link to the Google form to enter your personal information and times. As a FYI, we can include up to 3 spouses or domestic partners on our National Team.

I know that we have thousands of runners in AT&T who don't know about us and we don't know about them, so if you know any other runners, please foward our Website address.

We also hold conference calls periodically. Paul Henry is willing to send messages out to additional areas of the country if we have a specific corporate race to focus on.

We are not involved in Triathlons or bicycle races, but I will be happy to refer you if someone is willing to be the coordinator for that group.

I hope to see you at a running event somewhere wearing your AT&T singlet.