AT&T Running Club
USCAA National Track and Field Championships
July 22 - 23, 2006 at Golden, Colorado


Individual results

This year the setting was the spectacular backdrop of the Rocky Mountains in Golden Colorado. The team went thru yet another change with the acquisition by SBC. Fortunately our name remains the same.

Highlights included:br />
Lou's announcement of retirement from AT&T
Return of Bruce Bradley
Fielding a competitive Presidents Relay Team.

The 4 X 100 Meter sprint team clocked an impressive 48.5 good enough to win just about any other competition we've had but was bested by ExxonMobil in the final.

We say it every year...

Thanks again for all the work done by team members to get ready for the meet, from each competing athlete, to the details handled by the various coordinators, and especially to Lou Putnam, Debbie Woolman, Joe Hehn, Ken Gibbons and Bruce Bradley.

About 38 comprised this years team.

Go to site for complete USCAA results at Golden.

Division 1 Final Standings

1. GE 222
2. Lockheed Martin 195
3. Exxon Mobil 185
4. AT&T 174