AT&T Running Club
USCAA National Track and Field Championships
July 23 & 24, 2005 at San Ramon, California

Individual Results and Pictures

It was nice being back out in sunny California again for Nationals. This year we again were allowed to re-unite with teammates from past AT&T teams who had also competed with Lucent for a few years. In addition, we picked up new folks from SBC. Len Goldman, SBC Coordinator, formerly had participated many years in the meet with PacTel. Len was a welcome addition, helping us score in both road races.
About 42 comprised this years team.

We lost Bruce Bradley to American Red Cross. However he was able to bring them into the meet. And we didn't lose Bruces services. American Red Cross set up headquarters next to the AT&T tent.

Thanks again for all the work done by team members to get ready for the meet, from each competing athlete, to the details handled by the various coordinators, and especially to Lou Putnam, Debbie Woolman, Joe Hehn Ken Gibbons, and Bruce Bradley. Also to AT&T Timing crew: Jim Sloan, Frank Smith, Ken Gibbons and Exchange Zone hat droppers: Steve Kohorst, Tony Thurman, Tom Cannon. And finally to Cherylyn Gooch for the digital pictures.

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Division 1 Final Standings

1. GE 216
2. Lockheed-Martin 197
3. AT&T 162
4. ExxonMobil 113
5. Boeing 89