AT&T Running Club
USCAA National Track and Field Championships
July 21 & 22, 2002 in Sacramento, California

Individual Results and Pictures

It was great to be back at Nationals again after missing last year. This marks the 16th out of the past 18 that I have attended. The team seemed a little bigger than last year and as a result we did better. Silver Medals were won in the Men's 5K, 3-Lap Sprint, and Sprint Relay. While Bronze Medals were won in the Men's 10K, and 4 by 100.

It is hard to single out individual performances as there were many outstanding ones. But Al Peterson's 20.8 200Meter leg of the final event, the Sprint Relay, will be forever remembered as a classic.

Thanks again for all the work done by team members to get ready for the meet, from each competing athlete, to the details handled by the various coordinators, and especially to Bruce Bradley, Joe Hehn and Lou Putnam and his staff for without their efforts none of this would happen.

And thanks to Carolyn Basista, Steve Teitz, Steve Kohorst, Charlie Loftis and Bill Wheelock for their assistance with the timing crew.

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Division I-A Final Standings

1. General Electric
2. Texas Instruments
3. Lockheed-Martin
4. Exxon-Mobil
5. AT&T
6. BoozAllenHamilton
7. UnumProvident
8. SBC Communications
9. Boeing