AT&T Running Club
USCAA National Track and Field Championships
August 5 & 6, 2000
Renton, Washington

Individual Results and Pictures

It was nice seeing old faces and friends again and new people who joined the team. This is the smallest team we have had since since competing in the "Nationals". Still we managed to win two Silver Medals in the Team Jump and 4 by 100 and Bronze Medals in the 3-Lap Sprint and Sprint Relay.

Thanks again for all the work done by team members to get ready for the meet, from each competing athlete, to the details handled by the various coordinators, and especially to Bruce Bradley, Joe Hehn and Lou Putnam and his staff for without their efforts none of this would happen.

Two photos were sent to me from someone in the USCAA

Mark Gerber

Rich Alexander

Division I Final Standings

1. GE 220
2. Lucent 198
3. Lockheed-Martin 166
4. Exxon 159
5. AT&T 152
6. Boeing 85

Go to site for a complete USCAA results at Renton.